17 Goods Shed now Lions Shack

The ra ilway goods shed

The Railway Goods Shed was built in 1888 and remained in its original position beside the disused railway line in Pattison Street until 1992.

The Livingstone Shire Council had been using it as a storage facility and were planning to demolish it.

The Sh ack – back prior to extension

The Emu Park Lions Club applied to Council to remove and rebuild the shed as a clubhouse for young people.

Lions members, under the leadership of Steve Edworthy, worked every weekend for two years, using the salvaged materials to erect a youth venue and it was opened in 1994

The Emu Park Lions Club totally financed the rebuilding. The building was christened “The Shack” by Emu Park youth and retains the name.

It remained as a clubhouse for young people until interest waned and the Lions Club turned it into their clubhouse with the intent that priority for the use of The Shack would still be for youth.

The Sh ack – front prior to extension

The building was extended in 2016.

The Shack is currently very well used for organised youth activities and by the Lions Club in its day to day operations serving the community.


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