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Emu Park Police Residence 1889 - Emu Park Historical Trail
Emu Park Police Residence 1889

In 1889 the first full time Police Officer, William Johnson, lived and worked from this residence. The residence also housed the police station, two cells and living quarters. A new separate lock up was built in 1932. This lock up has now been relocated to the Museum.

In 1933 a small Police Station was built next door to the residence and remained in use until 1997 when the current station was built facing Pattison Street. The paddock behind the Police Station contained the police horse which was the only form of transport until 1939 when a bicycle was also purchased.

The police officer rode his bike to and from Keppel Sands on a fortnightly basis. In 1959 a Triumph motorcycle for police use replaced the bicycle. It was not until May 1968 that the station had its first police car – a second hand Ford Cortina. In the early days only one officer was required for the District which consisted of about 350 residents in Emu Park,150 at Keppel Sands and another 200 spread
across the area.

Emu Park Police Station 1933 - Emu Park Historical Trail
Police Station 1933

An extra police officer was appointed during the Christmas and
Easter holidays when the town’s population would swell by 1,000
visitors. The Police Officer’s additional duties included Agent for
Social Services, State Govt Insurance Office, Public Curator,
Inspector of Fisheries, State and Federal Electoral Officer, Assistant
District Registrar for Births and Deaths and Receiver of Taxes.

Police Station location from Railway Station
Police Station location from Railway Station


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