Our Emus

Our Emus – Designed and Created by Artist Brendon Tohill

Brendon Tohill Rockhampton sculptor, creator of the Emus for Emu Park Historical Trail 2019
Brendon Tohill Rockhampton creator of the Emus

Brendon Tohill Rockhampton, the designer and creator of the 21 Emus that make up the Emu Park Historical Trail 2019.

The Creation Of The Emus
Brendon started by making a small emu out of cardboard and presenting his ideas at a meeting at the Emu Park Lions. With the approval of the Lions the design concept was accepted.

The original marquete design made from cardboard.

From there Brendon drew an emu full size on a sheet of jib rock. The next step was to cut an emu out in thin plywood and experimented with how he would put it together. Once satified he then cut templates from thin ply and used these to cut out the first emu out in corten steel plate.

As Brendon stated, there was an lot of expirementing with how the legs went together etc. Once satisfied with the templates and how he wanted them, the next phase was the cutting of the parts out to build the emus. They were then welded together as he went along. It was a process that took many days of grinding the pieces and cleaning all of the parts up.

The completed Emus were then conveyed to their designated stations and installed on the 20 locations that make up the Emu Park Lions Historical Trail.

completed Emus off to their new home at Emu Park
First load of completed Emus off to their new home at Emu Park

Brendon Tohill is a Rockhampton sculptor. He has taught many carving and sculpting classes at Rockhampton Art Gallery and around the region.

Brendon is a bronze caster who also carves in wood, stone, marble and bone. He casts bronze using the lost wax process at his foundry. Being able to cast his own pieces allows him to experiment with casting for his artwork.

Brendon also experiments with different media, using resin, bronze, wood, steel and glass with a variety of other media to achieve the outcome and the final piece of art work.

Brendon Tohill – Artist Statement

I am a sculptor working in a range of materials including wood, stone, marble, bone and metals. I fabricate my works including bronze casting, working from my rural studio which is fitted out with a foundry. The process of fabrication is integral to my sculpting practice, with experimentation informing the resolved works.

My work stems from an idea or concern, often responding to the human condition. Using metaphors and symbols my works are abstractions of reality, a visual attempt to process the world. This embedded message remains the primary importance to my practice, from which materiality evolves.

This materiality is informed by the practicality and feasibility of fabrication, all of which is resolved in my studio.

Contact Brendon
You can contact Brendon on 0428 073 074 or by email: brendon@brendontohill.com.au
Website http://www.brendontohill.com.au
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