Welcome To The Trails

Welcome to the Emu Park Historical trail. If you have arrived here after scanning one of the QR codes on Eric the Emu, or one of his 20 strong family, then buckle up for an interesting walk around our town.

You can click (or tap) through the information on this site. It is our hope that you will be inspired to take the walk and see many interesting snippets from our history.

While in town, drop in to the Emu Park Museum for a brochure with a map to remember all the sites. There is also a beautiful book with all the sites and information.

Please enjoy your walk, and take advantage of the information on this Web site and the Emu signs. You will be transported back to the daily lives of our grandparents and great grandparents to see how they lived in our beautiful seaside paradise. Many people don’t realise how busy this town was with the many holiday makers, beach outings and picnics.

Did you realize that Eric and his family have been getting darker as they mature? They start out a very light rusty red, but as they age have become a lot darker. In the late afternoon they almost look black like some of the old man emus that roamed freely around this area up until a few years ago.