03 Uniting Church & Butcher’s Shop


This building was originally constructed as a billiard hall in 1916 by Mr Laughlan and called Laughlan’s Billiard Room. The hotels at the time had their own billiard rooms. However, these were required to close at the same time as the hotel and the young lads, under the age of 21 were not allowed into licensed premises.

For these reasons the venue was very popular until the outbreak of WW1 when most of the lads enlisted and the billiard room was forced to close.

It was eventually purchased by the Methodist Church in 1919 for £250. It became the Uniting Church in 1977 when the Methodist, Congregational and some Presbyterian denominations decided to form the Uniting Church.

Church services are still held in this building.


Prior to 1912 meat was sold from the Emu Park Hotel. This original butcher’s shop in Emu Park was built in 1912 and closed as a butcher’s shop in 1996.

Mr Kevin Nixon was the butcher in 1935.

In order to keep his butchery hygienic, he would sprinkle fresh sawdust on the floor and water it to keep the dust down.

Initially the meat was kept cold with blocks of ice until a McDonald engine was installed in a room at the side of the shop and a compressor would keep the temperature level.

Kevin would leave Yeppoon at three in the morning and ride his bike to Emu Park.

The shop closed at 5pm and he would then ride back to Yeppoon.

He eventually moved to Emu Park with his young family.


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